At Cheetah Couriers we aim to ensure our courier services are customer focused in every way possible. We want to make sure your experience using us is as simple and easy as ever, with no stress on your part. Whatever little niggles and worries you may have about using a courier service, we aim to eliminate it. We offer a range of services that can go hand in hand to make a convenient and positive process. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and alter our services as often as we need so as to ensure that is what we provide. Let us explain how we manage to keep customers happy and offer them courier services that they are happy to use again.

Speed Of Delivery, Same Day Delivery Courier Services

How many of us get impatient when awaiting a parcel?

Knowing that at some point, within the next few days, it will be delivered, but we don’t know specifics. At Cheetah, our Courier Services offer a Same Day Delivery Service, so no more getting annoyed after waiting a whole week (or longer) for an urgent package!

Your urgent small packages, confidential documents and large, time-specific deliveries will get where they need to be, safely and on time. Our trusted drivers work their very hardest to make your delivery as quick as possible, what more can you ask for?

As well as our same day delivery courier services, we also offer an option for you to pick a time that is best suited to your daily routine for delivery. Think of the amount of times you have to go and collect parcels from neighbours, or even worse, have to go to the collection centre because you popped out for 10 minutes and missed the delivery – it happens to everyone. This no longer needs to be an issue for you, you can pick a time for your delivery that you know for certain you will be at home and our driver can ensure your delivery is time specific.


We understand that when your goods are in the hands of others, there needs to be a huge level of trust, which is why we at Cheetah Couriers are completely transparent with our customers. As a family run business with extensive experience in courier services, we are always evolving due to the fluid nature of the industry, whether that be the routes, the modes, the pricing, the procedures or the environment.

We offer reliability and fair pricing and also an ear to listen. Understanding how important it is to speak to an actual human being rather than a robot, we will always have someone at the end of the phone, we can offer help and advice in any way you need it. We also value any customer feedback that can help us enhance our business and services to maintain our customer centric values.

After reading a few ways in which we offer a customer first attitude, we hope you consider using Cheetah Courier Services at some point in the future.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information on our services.