Not only does Cheetah provide trustworthy and premium courier and logistics services, but you can now receive your parcels and deliveries the same day it has been sent with our speedy same day delivery service.

Have you ever had an urgent package or document you needed to send out but it just slipped your mind? Well with our delivery services you can make sure your packages get to where they need to be on time and safely and within a time frame you have chosen. What more do you need?

What Goods Do Cheetah Deliver?

Our courier team regularly transports a large range of goods ranging from bespoke furniture and specialist wood products to large amounts of newspapers to deliver. We have also delivered products for companies such as Aga, James Latham, PRG XL and also newspapers such as The Mirror and the innovative New Day newspaper. If you are still not sure whether our delivery service can cater for your product or packing then just contact us to find out, there’s no harm in asking!

If you have a product you want delivering but you’re not quite sure if our courier service has transport big or bulky enough for small enough for your goods, then here are the vehicles we use for our delivery service:

  • Artics
  • 26t lorries
  • 18t lorries
  • 7.5t lorries
  • Sprinters
  • Transits
  • Small Vans

Gone are the days when you had to wait days or weeks for your products to be delivered. Gone are the days when you had to wait around on edge waiting to receive your important deliveries. Our same day delivery service is here to make your life so much easier and much more productive, with less hours spent waiting and more hours spent doing.

As well as our quick and simple delivery service, Cheetah also offers many other services and procedures such as storage, pallet distribution, international courier services, haulage and parcel delivery.

To find out more about us and about our services, follow the link to our services page or contact us to find out more.