While there are quite a few logistics companies offering their services on the internet, there are good reasons for you to do your research rather than choosing the first one on your list.

If you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way to move your goods and get them delivered safely and on time, then you should look for a logistics company that has a proven track record in delivering high quality services.


Insurance cover

Firstly, you should ensure that the logisitics company has the right insurance cover in place to protect your goods during transit. Should an accident happen, you will want to be certain that your goods will be covered and you don’t lose out.

With Cheetah Couriers and Logistics, you can be rest assured that we carry more than enough insurance to cover the value of your goods while under the care of our services. Should you need to see a copy of our insurance documentation, then simply contact our friendly customer service department for more information.


Customer testimonials

Look to see if the logistics companies carry positive customer testimonials about their services. Many companies that don’t provide a good service will often not show any customer feedback at all. With Cheetah Couriers and Logistics, you can read plenty of real-life customer testimonials from our satisfied customers that have been happy to return to use our services for many years.


Industry experience

Cheetah Couriers and Logistics have many years of industry experience and a loyal customer base of happy customers. Find out more about our range of services on offer or feel free to contact us to discuss your logistical needs.