For many companies, posting items or using a courier can be a bit confusing.  Even a 1st class stamp comes in different variations with standard and large letter!  So how do you know whether you need large parcel delivery, standard delivery or can send something in the post?

Here are some tips to help you figure out the maze of delivery options

1. Check the size

When figuring out what your parcel is classed as the first place to start is the size.  Size is measured in length (L), height (H) and Weight (W).  By having these three measurements, it is easier to categorise your parcel and therefore decide on the best postage option.

The weight of a parcel is often calculated by ‘volumetric weight’, especially for larger parcel delivery.  This can be higher than the actual weight and uses a process that involves the height, length and width as well as the weight.  Most parcel delivery companies can tell you their formula to work this out.

2. How quickly should it arrive?

Another big factor to consider is how quickly the item should arrive at its destination.  For example, if the item is perishable, you want a service that not only protects it but is very quick.  Most standard delivery services are 2-3 days, but you can get options such as next day by 9am, 10am, noon or 4pm.  Obviously, these will cost more but if time is important, it is worth considering.

3. Does the courier collect?

The final thing to consider is where does the package go from?  Do you need to take it to the Post Office or does the courier collect it from your location?  Collection can save time and also mean you can have the parcel checked to ensure you have got those dimensions right. This can avoid overcharging or undercharging and make sure the parcel gets where it needs to be on time.

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