Worried business owners have started hoarding their assets in an effort to keep their supplies consistent in anticipation of suffering from a bumpy Brexit as the country withdrawals from the EU.

Many companies that manufacture or use non-perishable items for their business are stockpiling enough supplies to keep their business ticking over for up to a year or longer for fear of suffering from an acrimonious split from the EU that could leave their business high and dry, or beset by huge delays to their manufacturing procedures.

Stockpiling raw materials before Brexit happens next March can make sense because most industry experts are predicting that Britain’s ports will seize up and experience long delays in border processing for goods coming into the country.

Switching from a lean business model

While most business operations try to keep costs down to an absolute minimum and run a very lean business model where supplies of raw materials are kept at around ten days worth of production, many companies are now abandoning this strategy in favour of adding extra weeks of supplies in the run-up to Brexit.

Where factories and manufacturing plants may have a fluid stock and storage system that is in constant flow, many facilities don’t have the available space to stockpile raw materials. With limited space available, many manufacturing companies are now turning to using warehouse storage services to help them meet their stockpiling plans.

This means that many UK businesses are now scouting for warehouse storage services and secure storage facilities to stockpile their supplies and raw materials.

Future-proofed business plans

No one can predict what the business landscape will look like post-Brexit, so many companies are now taking it upon themselves to future-proof their business against the likely fallout and outcomes that Brexit may cause, at least in the short-term.

Stockpiling essential raw materials will enable businesses to keep their production lines going and performing efficiently for some time to cushion any potential initial blow from Brexit procedures. Having a better capacity to serve new and existing customers will be ensuring that businesses can meet the challenges that are on the horizon, while potentially at the same time reducing their costs of trying to source raw materials or essential components from overseas during turbulent import / export conditions.

Warehouse storage services

Investing in cost-effective warehouse storage services, such as those offered by Cheetah Couriers, can help your business to protect your critical supply chains and ensure your continued supply of components and raw materials post-Brexit.

Cheetah Couriers currently have available space in our warehouse that can accommodate 500 + pallets of stock. Our cost-effective storage options offer you a safe and secure solution for the storage of your essential raw materials, goods and components. Currently, we securely stock everything from pharmaceuticals, electrical goods, kitchenware and appliances for DesignGo, Amazon, Aga and Dendron.

We can cater for just about any business need and when combined with our trusted courier services, we can move your essential materials or goods anywhere that they are needed, including any destination in Europe or worldwide.

Your Safety and Security kept at heart

Our large secured warehousing facilities mean that we can take up to 2000 pallets, either racked or bulked stored. We are also able to safely load and unload your trailers and containers safely through our loading dock.

There is no need to lose any sleep over our security arrangements either. Our warehouse facilities are fully alarmed and covered with cutting-edge CCTV that combines movement and vibration sensors. We securely monitor our warehouse premises 24/7 to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable assets.

OurĀ secure warehouse storage services are also very competitively priced so you will also save yourself a lot of money, while at the same time keeping your business assets safe.

Why not contact our friendly customer service team today to discuss your secure warehouse storage needs today. We are here to help!