At Cheetah Couriers, we understand the importance of operating a same day delivery service when you run a fast-paced business. In these days of instant information and digital downloads, business customers are now expecting faster delivery of physical goods. They simply do not want to wait for a long time to get hold of their purchases, so the pressure is building for businesses to deliver their goods as quickly as possible – and where possible, offer a same-day delivery service.

Company owners are very aware that a lot of purchases are made out of impulse or an instant desire for a product which could actually be quite fleeting. Make a customer wait a week or more for delivery, and the desire for that product may well be lost. By the time it does arrive, some people may have already forgotten they had ordered it.

The value of timeliness

There is no denying that customers value timeliness. When they order something through their smart-phone, tablet or laptop, they will expect delivery quickly. Where a business can offer a same-day delivery service, their appeal goes up in a customers attraction. Cheetah Couriers offer a same-day delivery service that truly delivers for our customers, helping you to get your goods delivered and raise your customer approval profile at the same time.

By offering same-day delivery services that your competition does not, your business will stand out from others and you will get a bigger slice of the impulse purchase market where a customer wants to have a desirable item as quickly as possible. In a recent customer survey, it was found that fast delivery tops the list when it comes to choosing a retailer to buy from.

Depending on the size and bulk of your urgent same-day delivery product, we will deliver in:

  •         Artics
  •         26t lorries
  •         18t lorries
  •         7.5t lorries
  •         Sprinters
  •         Transits
  •         Small Vans

For more information on our same day delivery courier service, get in touch with our team today.