It is very important that you get an overseas courier service that meets your needs. No matter if you are a large company that needs to safely and swiftly transport essential heavy equipment or machinery overseas, or you are a small business that simply wants to send some important documents to a client or B2B partner, then choosing the right handler for the job will ensure your delivery makes it on time.

For example, Cheetah Couriers have a team of tried and trusted certified International sub-contractors that we work with to ensure our overseas courier services reach across Europe and worldwide destinations. We can handle something as small as a single letter up to a 26 tonne load and our courier infrastructure means your goods will arrive safely and on time.

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that make for a good overseas courier service:

Prompt delivery record

Meeting fixed deadlines is often a priority when shipping goods overseas. Arriving late at a destination can seriously throw off a timed schedule, especially if your goods are essential pieces or components that are needed for a specific function. You need to look at a couriers delivery record and customer feedback to ensure that the company will deliver on time.

Cost-effective overseas courier services

Cost effectiveness is another important aspect you need to consider. Obviously, courier services are going to be more costly than your standard postal services. However, because Cheetah Couriers offer specialist courier services that often involve extra care being taken of fragile or delicate items, we can offer very safe transportation using sturdy transport and packaging equipment that you don’t get with regular postal services. Also, we strive to always offer a high-quality service at very competitive prices. You should check before trusting your goods and paying a high premium to another company that less efficient than us.

A duty of care for your goods

An overseas courier service must be prepared to take on a duty of care for your goods to ensure that they reach their destination intact and undamaged. Choosing a random courier service that may be careless with the handling of your goods can result in serious loss or damage to your shipment. This isn’t going to be good for sensitive computer components or other fragile shipments.

With Cheetah Couriers, we are aware of how precious our cargo is, so if you need to ship delicate items such as computer components for international company setups etc., we will safely take your goods anywhere in the world by air, land or sea with the extra level of care you should expect from us.

Why not contact us today about your overseas courier service needs. We are here and ready to help! You can also visit our parcel delivery service page for more information.