At Cheetah Couriers, our dedicated staff are committed to deliver you with a fast and reliable overseas courier service, but we also strive to do this as cost-effectively as possible because we are aware that businesses have to run on tight budgets.

We understand that when you need to send an important parcel overseas, you will want it to be transported with the greatest care and attention, and then safely delivered into the hands of the recipients completely undamaged. Cheetah Couriers pride ourselves on offering our trusted international courier service.

Great peace of mind

Our tried and tested – and very well trusted – overseas courier service partners work with us to provide the perfect option for you to take, regardless of the industry or business sector you are in. We specialise in delivering your parcel via our overseas courier service in a safe and timely manner, no matter where the overseas destination.

Our network of fully-vetted international courier partners are well respected and reliable names that have outstanding reputations in their own right. Our close working relationships allow us to consistently offer a door-to-door international courier service that is second to none. No other parcel delivery company in the UK can match our quality of service!

We can send anything from a single letter, set of important contracts for signing, or sensitive paperwork, to a 26 tonne load and you can be confident that it will arrive safely and on time.

If you’re looking for an international courier service to deliver an oversized or unusually shaped load to Europe or any other country in the world, then look no further than Cheetah International Courier services.

Top tips for preparing your overseas parcel

Moving an important parcel abroad is no problem when you put your trust into Cheetah Couriers. However, there are certain things you should check out before you decide to send an item abroad, no matter who you use as the international courier service.  Here are a few top tips for you to consider and address before you are ready to have your parcel dispatched:

Check for any destination country restrictions before you ship. In some countries certain items are prohibited, so will not be allowed into the country by any transport means or courier service. Each nation will have a list of banned items that you should check out and be aware of to make sure you are not breaking any rules.

To find out what is safe to send to a country, you should look on the customs website for the country you want to deliver to. Should you need any help to clarify if your items are OK to send to a particular country, then you can contact us to discuss your international courier needs further.

Packaging your goods for international delivery. The key to ensuring your goods are well protected during the overseas courier transit is to ensure that you use appropriate packaging materials to carefully wrap and protect your goods with. For a delicate or fragile item, this can involve spending a few extra minutes wrapping your item in a layer or protective bubble wrap and placing it inside a strong cardboard box. For important documentation, you may want to use a large card-backed or padded envelope made from thick-grade paper to avoid your paperwork being creased or torn in transit. Padded envelopes can also help to prevent any sharp edges from ripping through your packaging.

Address your parcel correctly. It can be easy to forget to clearly address your international parcel, especially if you have put extra care and attention into wrapping it safely. Your destination address should be written clearly on the front of your package. You can use a printed self-adhesive address label if you wish, but ensure that you print a large enough label with large print to ensure it can be easily read.