Sadly, events in recent years have meant there are now restrictions about what can be sent in the mail and even what courier services can carry abroad. This is to protect everyone but means when you are sending anything from a small package to a large parcel delivery around the world, you need to be aware of these rules.

Consumer warning markings

One of the first signs that you can’t send something abroad is if it has certain consumer warning markings on its packaging. These are products that contain certain elements that are considered dangerous and have one of seven symbols on them. Warning labels include:

  •         Irritating or corrosive products (two test tubes dripping onto a surface or a hand)
  •         Toxic products (skull and crossbones)
  •         Products that are harmful to the environment (tree with dead fish in front)
  •         Corrosive or explosive products (flames of different types and an explosion)

Prohibited items

There is also a big list of items that you can’t send through the post or with courier services.  Some of these might seem straightforward while others are a little less obvious.  Here are a few examples:

  •         Alcohol – you can send these within the UK but not to other EU countries or further abroad
  •         Precious metal
  •         Firearms and parts – includes imitation firearms
  •         Electronic cigarettes
  •         Tobacco – loose leaf or pre-rolled cigarettes

Getting help

As with most things, there are lots of different items that may be partially prohibited and partially acceptable. The best way to find out if the item you want to send can go to your chosen destination is to contact Cheetah Couriers and we can tell you.  As experienced couriers across the UK and Europe, we can guide you on what can and cannot be sent and where to ensure you don’t encounter problems with your delivery and courier services.

For more information about our courier services, visit our website or get in touch.