Whether we like it or not, the world today really is a small place. Breakfast in Beijing, dinner in Dubai and home to bed in Hemel Hempstead! This is why our international logistics company is perfect to keep everyone connected.

And that’s just the business trips. Not only is the world of business one which crosses country borders, but our personal lives now also stretch far and wide. Children grow up and flee the nest; before they used to move into the garage or to the next street but now they decamp to all four corners of the globe, from New York to New Zealand and every new long-haul destination in between. This can be challenging from a personal perspective, although this is mitigated by great new technologies such as Skype and Social media, which can literally give us ‘Facetime’ with our loved ones at any hour of the day. It is much more of a challenge when we think about the logistics of not only doing business but sending and receiving items which cannot travel through the magic of the ether that is the internet. This is where international logistics companies like Cheetah Couriers come in handy.

We at Cheetah have been in the business of logistics for over 40 years and have made it our mission to deliver to you a service borne out of love care and attention, to ensure that your deliveries are made on time, undamaged and at fair and reasonable cost. Our international logistics company can deliver across the UK, Europe and the World to any location with our trusted network of subcontractors who we have chosen to be involved in our business. We pride ourselves on being a family company, answerable to nobody but you, our most important customer! If you give us a ring, you can expect to speak to Graham, or Andy, or Abi or whoever you spoke to last time.  Our customers will testify to our excellent service, as they return to us again and again

Send items when you want, where you want

Another great advantage Cheetah Couriers can offer as an international logistics company is our 16,000 square ft warehouse. As an internationally trading business or family making their move to a new world and life, we can hold up to 2000 pallets onsite for a designated period to ensure your delivery is made at the best time for you; when you are up and running; when you have finally finished that new home; or jut when your customers want to take delivery. Added to this our flexible freight options using land, air and sea and you will realise that when it comes to international courier service, Cheetah can do it all.

So, when your daughter has just given birth to another grandson in Australia or you have just realised it’s your best man’s birthday in Hong Kong or you just been offered a job in Toronto and you need to send something safely, quickly and with a guaranteed service, get in touch and we can deliver you a premium, personal service.

For more information on our international logistics company or to find out more about the other services we can offer, visit our website or contact us.