At Cheetah International Couriers, we offer our customers a wide range of delivery options tailored to fit your needs. Not every letter or parcel that needs to be sent overseas will be exactly the same, so this is why we offer a completely flexible service with a truly personal touch to ensure we deliver an outstanding delivery service to all of our customers.

You can put your trust into Cheetah International Courier services because we have many years of experience with delivering a very conscientious and caring service. We have long established bonds with very well-respected international delivery partners, so we can offer all of our customers a very safe and reliable service.

How can I book your services?

 Booking an international delivery with us is very quick and simple. We like to discuss your requirements directly with you so that we can ensure we deliver you a personalised service. You can call us directly if you would like to speak to one of our friendly customer services team members, or you can email us with your requirements and we can get back to you with a timely response. You can also choose to communicate with us through our online contact form, or even drop into see us in person should you be close to one of our offices in either Leicester or Hemel Hempstead.

With Cheetah International Courier Services, you can send your items to most overseas nations, no matter whether you want to courier something as small as an important letter or a document folder to multiple items or something large and heavy. We have the knowledge and expertise to make this possible for you.

Planning well ahead

 With international deliveries, it will pay you to plan ahead as much as you possibly can. This is because depending on your intended destination, there may be hold ups along the way for inspections. These are done quite routinely at some ports and customs entry where they may want to check for ‘forbidden items’ that may not be allowed into the country. In fact there is a list of items that cannot be delivered to certain countries, so it would be wise to check with us first.

When you have a scheduled delivery planned for an overseas destination, but you don’t want the goods sitting around and taking up valuable space, you may want to consider taking up one of our storage options. This way you can safely leave your goods or belongings in one of our secure storage facilities while they await delivery through our international courier services.

Packing material tips

 Sending something as simple as a letter or a few documents abroad can be fairly straight forward because all you would need is to safely seal them into sturdy envelopes. However, we still like to advise people to take care when packaging up their goods, especially if they are delicate or easily breakable.

For household items or precious ornaments, we would recommend that you wrap them tightly in bubble wrap and place them into a strong cardboard box. If you are moving a few small items together in one box, then we would suggest padding out the base and sides of your box with screwed up newspaper. Make sure that you pack your well-wrapped items tightly into the box to prevent them moving around.

We will supply you with a booking form for each box that is to be carried, but do not hesitate to contact us should you need help with filling out your forms. For tax purposes these forms need to be filled out properly or you could risk delays at customs, so if you have any queries, just give us a call!