Project Description

The best things come in small packages and parcel delivery companies such as Cheetah makes sure those small packages (or large parcels) are safely delivered. Your parcel might need next day delivery or you might just want to keep track of it while it’s in transit. Rest assured that whatever you need we’ll go above and beyond to help you. We can provide a range of delivery options because we know it’s important to be flexible to the needs of our customers. We keep those options competitive and cost-effective. We’ll make sure you know when your parcel has been delivered and you’ll be able to track it along the way with our PDA information and tracking system.

As well as a standard delivery option with a 2-3 day parcel service, we’ll deliver:

  • Next day by 9 am
  • Next day by 10 am
  • Next day by 12 noon
  • Next day by 4 pm

However big or small your parcel you’ll know it’s in the safest, most reliable hands. For more information on how parcel delivery companies like Cheetah Couriers can help get your parcel from A to B safely, get in touch today.