Project Description

As a shareholder in Pallet Track, Cheetah offers a nationwide pallet delivery service using a hub and spoke system. This means we can deliver anywhere across the country in a timescale to meet your budget and business requirements. Our system is designed to reduce the number of routes we need to take and increase the efficiency of our service.

In today’s market of international shopping you can buy something online and have it shipped to wherever you are in the world. You might be stocking your restaurant with food and drink or building a home with materials like bricks, tiles for your bathroom, printed materials for curtains etc. Whatever equipment you might buy in bulk, we can easily transport it for you, to your home or business in the UK or overseas.

Cheetah pallet services include:

  • Next Day
  • Two Day
  • Tail-lift Option
  • Before 10 am
  • Specific Time Delivery
  • Book In
  • Saturday Deliveries

Once you’ve booked your delivery all your information will be instantly uploaded onto our cloud system and you can download the information for your own records.

Our online tracking system enables you to know where your items are, how fast they are traveling, real time delays due to traffic and an accurate delivery time. You can choose if you want us to email or call to confirm the time of arrival. All our drivers have a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) system so we can give you the information you need at the touch of a button.